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Water Tank Relining

Since 1995 we have been relining cold water storage tanks, cooling towers and other water retaining structures.
So if you want a friendly, professional team to provide you with an effective & guaranteed solution for your water tank.

Is your cold-water storage tank leaking, corroding or posing an increased legionella risk?

Whatever your situation, our expert team of professional fitters can provide you with tank re-lining of your water storage facilities to ensure they are hygienic, fit for purpose and designed to minimise the risk of  legionella growth.

Just because your tank is corroded or leaking, it doesn’t automatically mean a replacement is required.

In a number of cases, professional repair and re-lining work is a cost-effective alternative that also avoids the need to dispose of your existing tank.

Whilst we are not tied to any particular coating supplier, we favour the application of solvent-free polyurethane coating, which offers numerous economic, technical and environmental features and benefits, some of which are highlighted below:
  • High levels of impact and chemical resistance.
  • Reduced downtime of storage tanks and process vessels – refill after a minimum of 6hrs after completion.
  • Long-life performance with minimal maintenance
  • Easy clean, ceramic tile-like finish
  • Application by brush/roller or plural component spray equipment
  • Superb adhesion to steel, concrete, GRP and many other substrates.
  • The excellent track record for applications such as drinking water tanks, cooling towers, reservoirs etc.
  • WRAS / DWI Approved
  • Complete Solvent Free Technology
  • Extremely Fast Curing Times, even at low temperatures
  • High degree of flexibility @ > 35%, capable of accommodating structural movement compared with resin / epoxy / bitumastic coatings of <1.0%

Examples Of Some Of Our Completed Projects

After Before
After Before
After Before
After Before

Visit our Case Studies page to see completed project reports
and short videos on how these were carried out

Reline Of Corroded Sectional Steel Tank
Reline Of Leaking Sectional Grp Tank
Reline Of Vehicle Mounted Tank
Reline – Failed Flexible Tank Liner
Reline Of A Narrow Boat Water Tank
Reline Of A Cooling Tower Sump
Reline Of A High Level Truff Tank
Reline Of A Containment Bund

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